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"We're looking at the disguise and the mask that men wear when they're interacting with each other"



#005 Death – The Jason & Gerry Story

There is only one problem. There are too many empty seats at the table.

Zero Dark Gerry

Death. We all deal with it at some point or another. How do you relate with your friends who are hurting from the pain of death? More

#004 Guise – Mental Health Roundtable

I actually think its good that we are not all mental health professionals having this conversation.


Have questions about men's mental health that you were afraid to ask? Well, we did too, but decided we should record it and release it to the Guise community. We are hoping this will help other people to feel like it's ok to ask, to talk, and most of all, to help each other out when they need it. More

#002 Expectations – The Joe and Nathan Story

"I didn't want to betray these men I so dearly loved. However, my life was changing and I could no longer hold myself ransom to the dreams and promises of 18 year old me."

Kevin McGlade (Guise Podcast Resident Story Teller)

Expectations will always be a part of friendships. How do we deal with them? How do you even bring them up? What happens when you don't? More

#001 – The Pilot

I've never had a guy friend that I was that intimate with about matters of the heart.

1:23am May 18, 2016

The set up. More